my saori journey

by Amanda Edney
My Saori journey involved travelling to Izumi City, Osaka, Japan in June 2015 and spending three weeks at Saori no Mori, to complete the training to become a Saori Weaving Instructor.
Kenzo Jo, the son of the founder Misao Jo and designer of all the looms and equipment, generously shared the wonderful techniques which make Saori weavings so beautiful, easy and versatile.
Look at all the wonderful yarns available in the fabulous studio!

Prue from Australia, carried out the training at the same time and we shared a flat. She is my Saori Sister down under! Prue teaches Saori workshops from White Stone Farm and has llamas…..Please click here to take a peak at her wonderful website.
Jess joined me for a few days so she has first-hand experience of a Saori studio and learnt a few techniques herself…
I originally thought I would concentrate on Art weavings and Interior textiles but had an amazing time learning how to transform my Saori cloth into wearable art….
At the end of five weeks I filled a tatami room with my weavings…….
And received my certificate….
Saori certificate of Training
Now we are busy putting our business plans into action…Saori workshops and classes coming soon!
In the meantime, please come to the Whitchurch Silk Mill on a Tuesday where we shall be demonstrating Saori weaving and you can have a go too! If you would like to find out more about Saori Weaving, its background and philosophy, please click here.


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