Knit and Stitch


Mary Flynn Mixed Media

A good time was had by all at the Knitting at Stitching Show 2014 at Alexandra Palace.  

I loved seeing the lovely textiles on display, especially the work on display in the galleries. Many ‘no photography’ signs this year which I can understand as people don’t want their work copied or published on internet sites without permission/credit but I was a bit disappointed because it is difficult to take everything in with so many people about and I do enjoy revisiting my favourites later on in the peace and quiet of my living room!
Favourite galleries: 
Renate Keeping: a retrospective of the late Renate Keeping’s work and the gallery she set up in her home of her husband Charles Keeping’s work. I had never heard of Renate but her embroideries and 3D textile work were exquisite. I was familiar with Charles’ beautiful illustrations and my favourite childhood book was ‘Sean and the Carthorse’. It was good to meet the real Sean, son of the Keepings and his brother and sister who were all there at the gallery! (no pics allowed)
Mary Flynn and the Shore Archive: a display of some of the coastline debris collected over 4 years ‘material evidence of a dark future’. Mary photographs, archives and reuses the debris in her work. On display were large banners made from jetsam and flotsam.


I bought a small mixed-media and stitched piece which I love for its message as much as for its beautiful colours

(See above)

Favourite purchases:

I wasn’t planning on buying any ‘supplies’ as already have bulging cupboards in my studio but oops couldn’t resist this stash (could have been worse…)


An inspiring yet exhausting day only slightly marred by getting stuck in one traffic jam after another in the rain on the way home. 

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