a fairy tale christmas

– by Jessica Edney

Once upon a time, there was a woman called Amanda, who lived in a little house in the woods. She was a weaver, and nothing pleased her more than to sit at her loom and weave beautiful cloth all day long. She lived happily in that wood, but for one problem. She missed her darling daughter Jess very much, but Jess was far, far away, studying in the grey capital city. While Jess loved to bury her head in books, she was heavily indebted to the government. As much as she wanted to see the world outside the city, Jess did not want to add to her growing debts and have to subside on gruel and porridge for the rest of the year. It was a dilemma.

For several months, Amanda and Jess dreamed of the places they could go, for imagination did not cost them a penny. Then, one day the handsome Prince Ryan Air paid a visit to the city where Jess lived, and rode past her on his noble steed (Luton) as she day dreamed about distant lands. He noticed that Jess looked a little glum, so he stopped and came down from his horse to ask what was wrong.

“Oh nothing, I’m just thinking of all the places I would visit with my mother if I were rich,” she sighed.

“Fear not, fair maiden,” said Prince Ryan Air, “for I hear that for the measly price of £20, you can get a return flight to Europe, even this close to Christmas.”

And so it came to be that Jess and Amanda were reunited as they journeyed forth to the magical land of Denmark and lived happily ever after (well, for three days, until they had to come back).

I hope you enjoyed my little fairytale, inspired by the great Hans Christian Andersen of course. I may have tweaked a few details, but the above tale is based on facts – Mum and I did journey to the magical land of Denmark (well Copenhagen to be specific) and had a wonderful time. Highlights include the Disappearing Bridge, eating twelve different kinds of herring, creepy elves in Tivoli gardens and almost joining a cult. You can make up the details.

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Glædelig Jul!


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